Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thriftin tips

Going to local thrift stores is one of our favorite things to do. No matter where you go there are bound to be some good shops. MERA took a trip to LA TIENDA in San Clemente and scored. You can score big too if you follow these simple tips: 

1) Patience- When you first walk into a thrift shop it can be overwhelming. The smell, the mess and seemingly never ending racks of clothes. Just keep in mind that there are treasures in each rack and one of a kind clothes you can't find anywhere else. 

 2) Only buy pieces you love and if there are any doubts, don't purchase - If you find a piece that could work but you are not sure.. skip it. It is really easy to collect and buy too much and then you end not wearing half the stuff you buy.  Save room in your closet and money in your wallet for things that you REALLY love. 
3) Check every section- We're talking like menswear, children sections, home, jewelry, music.. you never know what you can find! Somethings get misplaced or sometimes you can get the coolest stuff in most unexpected places. Some of our favorite flannels and shirts are from the mens section at thrifts.  
4) Think outside of the box-  The great thing about any clothes is they can be altered. You can take things in, cut things shorter or even change the piece completely. If you find something cool.. get creative!    

5) Go Often! --We like to go thrift shopping as much as we can. Sure sometimes we come back with nothing and are disappointed but most of the time we leave after scoring some of the coolest clothes. Don't get disheartened when you don't find anything and just keep going back. Thrift stores are constantly restocking so you never know when you'll find something awesome. Plus it is pretty fun! :)

 happy Thrifting ! <3 MERA

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