Thursday, December 19, 2013

vintage loves

Indie Sweater sweater  Colorful Flannelflannel
Black Leather Sandals black leather sandals Red Flowery Midi Skirtskirt                  (click on the item for the link)

If you are looking for something to add on your Christmas list, you should definitely check out our friend Allison's new Etsy account! She has a ton of super cool clothes that are all one of a kind vintage plus totally affordable. So seriously, if your looking for something unique to jazz up your wardrobe- go check the site out!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


warmer winters here on the west coast means shorts and the fuzziest of all sweaters. Love this wintery season and some super sweet holographic shoes. 

Its a fuzzy winter. 

Keep the sparkle in your winter outfits. Its ok too dress like your christmas tree once in awhile. 
                                                                   super fabulous shoes from zara

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